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Infinite Justice

by Freddy Bosco


Creepy crawly under every piece of furniture
unsteady feet canít count on traction
from the world we once knew. Alas,
we start at the scream of a siren,
never knowing what the earth has claimed
again from plots once shadowed by taller
more ambitious reachings, mass graves
half-full of badges.
Little David bin Loden, schnorring
through his nap wakes the giant sleeping
to find him blasting like a hunter
shotgun hitting everything but the bee
who bit our face as we rolled the dice
of intergalactic commerce.
Whatís left for a trip to the Xerox machine
while the camels sway in the moonlight?
This war, fought with stolen checkbooks
promises a pot in every chicken
a garage in every car. We recoil,
fearful and tearful at the onset of a nemesis
bent on bending every line into oblivion.

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