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Community Technical Assistance Program


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Money is available for travel reimbursement to get or give assistance!

Thanks to a grant from the Caring for Colorado Foundation, the Colorado Rural Health Center is able to reimburse the cost of travel from one rural town to another to address healthcare issues.

Who’s eligible?
Anyone from a rural Colorado community (rural to rural visits only).

What will reimbursement cover?

What costs will be reimbursed?

When are funds available?

Now through May 30, 2003

How do I apply? Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Fill out the C-TAP Request Form, send it to the Center, and within a week you will hear if you were approved. (You can even call or email us first to see if your idea is eligible).

  2. Send in a C-TAP Reimbursement Request after your trip.

  3. Receive your reimbursement.

Are there reporting requirements?

After 3 months we will contact you to see what benefit(s) you received from the program and if you’ve maintained any communication with your “assistant(s)”

Possible Examples of C-TAP

Need help finding a resource?

Just call (303) 832-7493 or (800) 851-6782 or e-mail us at We’re good at connecting communities
with similar needs and situations.

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