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Rep. Mark Udall

10 Years After the ADA



She Can't Even Walk, But She Dances

by Eunice Taylor Favors

She canít even walk,
    but she dances;
she dances with her eyes,

She dances with her laughter,

She dances with her voice,

She dances with her crooked walk,
With movement of life she dances

Who is this woman,
    tall or stout,
    young or old,
    family or friend?

Woman who has molded
    Stones and boulders
    into steps and bridges

Her strength of inner will
    defies shackles and
    senseless circumstances,
    lightens sandpapers obstacles,
    balances fiery anger

You know her,
    dancing with life,

Her soft, passionate beauty
    loving you
        more than music

She canít even walk,
but she dances


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Philip Silverman is an artist who works with religious themes. He is committed to his faith. His drawings explore themes from Jewish religion and culture. His images capture the interplay between the realms of the body and the spirit, the everyday and the imaginative, and the medieval and the modern.

Philip prefers to work in pencil line drawings. He is interested in a wider audience for his art, and would appreciate opportunities to display it.

Mr. Silverman is a person with a developmental disability. For additional information on his work, he may be contacted through A & H Publishing, P. O. Box 441215, Aurora, Colorado, 80044-1215 or call (800) 321-8708




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