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Boulder County Voter Approved Mil Levy Sought

Yes on Boulder County Issue 1A

by John Taylor - Executive Director, DDC


Imagine, formerly the Developmental Disabilities Center, received the support of the Boulder County Commissioners to ask the voters to approve a dedicated mil-levy tax. The issue will be on the November 2002 ballot as County Issue 1A. If successful, it will generate approximately $2.8 million to improve the quantity and quality of services available for individuals with developmental disabilities and children at risk for developmental delays in Boulder County. The total Issue will raise $6.9 million annually and include funds for other human service programs such as mental health.

Imagine will put the new dollars into services with waiting lists, such as family support, early intervention, adult supported living services, adult employment and community participation services. There are more than 100 families waiting for early intervention services, more that 180 waiting for family support, and about 100 waiting for supported living assistance. In addition, many individuals need more intense supports than can be covered by the State funding. Imagine “over-serves” (stretching the State dollars and using local dollars and fund raising to serve more individuals and families than in our State contract), and that can’t continue without additional local support. Finally, the State budget for next year does not include any new funds for Family Support Services or Adult Supported Living Services, and Imagine expects only 4 or 5 new Early Intervention resources. So, the new dollars will be used to assist with the provision of quality vocational services, family support, children’s therapies and early intervention, and community activities/supervision.

A one- (1) mil increase in property taxes will cost a homeowner about $9.15/hundred thousand dollars of the assessed value of their home. Most folks in Boulder County live in homes valued from about $200,000.00 to $500,000.00. The tax increase would be, then, roughly $19.00 to $46.00 per year, less than a night out for dinner for two and a movie!

Imagine kicked off the campaign activities this summer by speaking at community fairs, business meetings, and civic organizations; producing the marketing material for the campaign; and recruiting volunteers needed for a successful campaign. Representative Todd Saliman, a member of the Board of Directors of the DDC, is coordinating our campaign activities, and Lisa Crompton, also a Board member, is serving as the Chairperson of the Board’s Mil-Levy Campaign committee.

While this activity will certainly have a cost, no direct services dollars will be used to support the campaign. Imagine will rely completely on savings and donations.

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