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Colorado Quarterly Magazine 

"Rewriting the Myths, Redefining the Realities"

Spring 2002

Disability Life
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The Colorado Quarterly 

Homer Page

Editor and Graphic Designer
Margi Ness

Executive Director, HMI
Angie Wood

Jim Light

The Colorado Quarterly is published quarterly by Handicapped Media, Inc. HMI is a private, non-profit organization. 

Letters to the Editor are welcome. Published information may be edited. All correspondence must include the writerís name, address and daytime phone. 

Tax deductible donations to HMI are welcome and help keep the publication free and available to all Colorado citizens in the disability community. 

The Colorado Quarterly is available in recorded format and Braille upon request.

Correspondence and advertising inquiries should be sent or emailed to: 

2030 Floral Drive
Boulder, CO 80304
303-444-8721 voice and fax


 Reauthorization:  An Opportunity for Change

Wheelchair Field Needs More Activity

We Are All Handicapped

Grand Junction:  A Center for Independence

Arvada Center Receives Award

Certification for the Disabled


From the Foothills:  The Last Laugh

Poetry Place: Success

Book Reviews:  Goodbye, Geraldine by Robert J. Morgan - reviewed by Freddy Bosco and A Maiden's Grave by Jeffery Deaver - reviewed by Homer Page

What's Happening

Voices:  Kelly Buckland - An Articulate Leader


advertisement  Accessible Systems  Incorporated- independence for life.


We offer sales and installation of: Surehands Lift and Track Systems & Stair Lifts
HCBS Medicaid Provider 
Adaptive equipment to enable independent transfers 
(303) 693-7787 
Contact us for a free video! 


Thank You

The Colorado Quarterly thanks the following readers who contributed during the last quarter. Because of their generosity, the magazine can maintain its free distribution.

Sylvia L. Heckendorn
Denver, Colorado


What kind of people take blind kids mountain climbing?  

The same ones who take paraplegics sailing and amputees horseback riding.


To participate, volunteer, or help financially, visit


Advertising Space Available

Reach over 12,000 people from the disability community. 
Call 303-444-8721 or email

New Consumer Privacy Guide

In response to the publicís growing concern about privacy, the Center for Democracy and Technology recently launched The site provides consumers with information and tools to help them control the flow and use of their personal information.

The Colorado Quarterly Needs Your Support!

The Colorado Quarterly, is part of Handicapped Media, Inc., a private, non-profit organization dependent on contributions. We do not charge for the publication in order to ensure that everyone, regardless of income, can receive it. Donations from readers are needed and welcome. 

Checks can be made out to Handicapped Media, Inc. (HMI) and sent to:

The Colorado Quarterly
2030 Floral Drive
Boulder, CO 80304

Thank you

Classified Advertising Space Available

The Colorado Quarterly offers space to advertise jobs, availability for work, items for sale, and personals for just $5 per ad. Simply write your ad and send it with a check made out to Handicapped Media Inc. to:
2030 Floral Drive
Boulder CO 80304

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