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Poetry Place


by Freddy Bosco

The picture is perfect: me, stationed in full regalia, presiding along over a sumptuous landscape, a tomb of wealth. Nobody is here to share my good fortune with, however, and so the cheeseburger in Paradise goes untouched.

To the mind, there is always something wrong, always a puzzle to buzz on while the heart feels only contentment. So here, in my tableau of achievement the mind fiddles, fidgets. More tea. More music. Less of a breeze to ruffle the leaves.

The heart endures the noise. The heart loves the noise it calls music. The crypt is so much quieter than this. Life is not a silent operation; it rocks.

We are cozy here, heart and mind, even for the popping of thoughts like corn, so excited for what was, what will be. But what is, is. It pleases.

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